MultiReha® is an innovative software for the operation of diagnostic and rehabilitation devices


Why Multireha?

Intuitive interface

Ease of use is ensured by a clear interface

Fast action

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, the software runs smoothly on most models of desktops and laptops


Multireha software has a set of functions that enable testing and diagnostics at the highest level.

Sling Feedback Therapy

Sling Feedback Therapy is an innovative device that enables hanging exercises with the use of biofeedback (biological feedback) in the form of load visualization and computer game control.

Leg Force Feedback

Leg Force Feedback is an innovative device that enables the measurement / rehabilitation of extensors and flexors of the lower limbs. The Leg force feedback armchair is used for isometric analysis and training of limb strength. It is used in therapeutic rehabilitation, for active, slow and resistance exercises for the upper and lower limbs.

Podo4Foot® CAM RGB

The diagnostic podoscope is a device for foot diagnostics. Foot diagnostics is part of the diagnosis of possible body posture defects. The device is equipped with a FullHD camera for archiving test results and a remote control to change the color of the podoscope illumination.

DynamicRehaStairs Staircase with Biofeedback

The Dynamic RehaStairs system introduces a completely new quality to learning and rehabilitation of gait and balance. This system is an electromechanical rehabilitation stairs for learning to walk with a number of computer solutions.

Foot 3D Foam
Vacuum pillow set

Foot 3D Foam is - a system of vacuum cushions for making impressions / imprints of feet and negatives for plaster casts.
The cushions allow you to bounce the foot in the corrected position, introduce manual changes and observe the correlation in the full load position.


Our Idea

The idea behind the software created by the company KOORDYNACJA is to provide all facilities, not only medical, with a set of devices that will comprehensively diagnose the patient and will help countless patients return to full fitness. Thanks to the proprietary MULTIREHA software, we can combine it into one whole from the level of one database. MULTIREHA will help in the assessment and diagnosis of the arch of the feet and in archiving
the result for later comparison or printing for the patient. Each patient will have the test result in the form of a printout, thanks to which it is also an advertisement for the facility.

MultiReha software

MultiReha® is an innovative, modern software for operating modern devices for diagnostics and rehabilitation. This application is the result of our many years of experience and needs in the field of rehabilitation. The project is constantly developed in order to provide users with maximum satisfaction that brings benefits in working with patients.

Products compatible

MultiReha® is constantly being developed. We are working on new modules that will extend the software with the ability to work with new hardware.


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