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Podo4Foot® CAM

The diagnostic podoscope is a device for foot diagnostics. Foot diagnostics is part of the diagnosis of possible body posture defects.


Defects in the feet and body posture

  The diagnostic podoscope is a device for foot diagnostics.
Foot diagnostics is part of the diagnosis of possible body posture defects.
      The feet are the supporting element of our body, as well as one of the elements contributing to the maintenance of an upright body posture. In the process of ontogenesis, their arching is often pathologically changed, and certain skin structures requiring treatment are often formed.  These and many others can be detected thanks to a diagnostic podoscope.

Static examination of the patient's feet and evaluation of foot defects using the mirror image method.

This podoscope is illuminated and has a mirror and a built-in Full HD camera to take a photo / video of the sole of the feet.
The Full HD camera allows you to take a photo or film a sequence (e.g. during a squat).

The principle of operation of the Computer Podoscope

Treatment of diseases

The feet of children and adolescents can be examined using a podoscope. It provides a lot of basic information necessary in the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases. It enables the proper assessment of the shape of the foot, the presence of thickenings on the skin and corns. The podoscope is easy to use.


Photos and Videos

Registration of movement sequences enables archiving up to 30 frames per second
. The device contains original softwarefor archiving a photo / video.rom the performed foot examination, it is possible to take photos of footprints, which can be used for archiving patients.

MultiReha software

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MultiReha® isan innovative, modern software for operating modern diagnostic and rehabilitation devices.This application is the result of our many years of experience And rehabilitation needs. The design is constantly being developed to ensure users Maximum satisfactionthat brings benefits in working with patients


The software allows you to make precise measurementson the image of the feet and heels obtained from the podoscope images. It enables manual measurements of distances and angles as well as automaticmeasurements. It is also possible to determineany measurementsusing the available tools and to make videos of functional tests such as squats, etc.

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