Dynamic Reha Stairs - stairs with biofeedback

The Dynamic RehaStairs system introduces a completely new quality to learning and rehabilitation of gait and balance.
This system is an electromechanical rehabilitation stairs for learning to walk with a number of computer solutions.


DynamicRehaStairs is an electromechanical rehabilitation staircase for gait learning and re-education, along with a number of computer solutions supporting the process of returning to full fitness. These stairs introduce a completely new quality to learning and re-education of gait and balance.

Maintaining the correct body posture is a process that is influenced by a whole host of factors and cooperating systems of the human body, such as the nervous, skeletal and muscular systems. Deterioration of the sense of balance, which makes it impossible to sense the position of the human body in space, can be caused by both aging and post-traumatic processes. It can have a significant impact on the elements of our health.


Classic rehabilitation stairs for gait learning and re-education, most often found in hospitals, clinics or clinics, have a constant, unchanging height of individual steps. Due to this constant height of individual steps, the therapist has very limited possibilities to make the therapy difficult or easier. It can only increase or decrease the intensity by manually moving the obstacles (sticks) to different heights. Overcoming obstacles is nothing other than climbing real stairs. The problem arises when the deficit patient is unable to raise his leg to the full height of a traditional staircase.

Unique features of the device:

  • Electronic control (remote control) – smooth adjustment (from 0 to 17 cm) of the height of each stair step, making it easier or more difficult to re-educate / educate gait and balance.
  • Lifting actuators and arms – the proprietary system allows the device to be lifted and lowered when fully loaded, i.e. the device lifts the patient with the therapist throughout the therapy.
  • Two unique software – using the phenomenon of biofeedback and posturography.
  • RehaSTEPS system – innovative, unique software with a camera system that allows you to display on the monitor in front of the patient (after detecting an attempt to put a foot on a given step) an image informing the patient how much / not much is missing to achieve his goal.


Thanks to cameras placed on each step, the stairs record and display the patient’s movement up the stairs in real time. When placing the step, the patient can see how much he needs to put his foot on thanks to the screen provided. Thanks to this observation, the patient more willingly climbs the stairs, thanks to which he increases his progress in achieving full fitness faster and easier.

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Additional options:

  • Dual-Disc Posturograph function (a product awarded with medals in previous years) – giving the stairs the opportunity to perform a posturographic examination.
  • Adjustable handrails – allowing to conduct therapy both for small children and adults (very short and very tall patients), both slim and obese people.
  • The width of the stairs – individual adjustment to the needs, e.g. to the width of the wheelchair

DynamicRehaStairs comes in two versions

  • DynamicRehaStairs STANDARD​
  • DynamicRehaStairs PROFESSIONAL​

with an additional posturograph function

DynamicRehaStairs PROFESSIONAL​

DynamicRehaStairs in the PROFESSIONALversion has a subarometric platform for testing the distribution of foot pressure on the ground. The device shows precisely which part of the foot the “patient / examined person” presses harder on the ground. For measuring the reaction of ground forces. Possibility of gait and balance analysis. A platform that assesses the ground forces reactions in static and dynamic conditions, it is also possible to assess the balance. The very low thickness of the platform enables an easy way to obtain static and dynamic test results. The intuitive operation of the program and the ability to record a few steps in both directions make the platform versatile.