Device with biofeedback

Leg Force Feedback

Leg Force Feedback is an innovative device that enables the measurement / rehabilitation of extensors and flexors of the lower limbs.


Strength isometric analysis and training

The Leg force feedback armchair is used for isometric analysis and training of limb strength. It is used in therapeutic rehabilitation, for active, slow and resistance exercises for the upper and lower limbs. Measurements are made at different flexion angles in the joint with the use of elastic and permanent resistance using biological feedback – Biofeedback, in the form of numerical visualization (visualization of graphs in real time) and computer games control.

LEG FORCE FEEDBACK is available in two versions:

  • Leg Force Feedback chair
  • necessary wiring
  • 2 support heads, 2 stabilizing belts, 2 pcs of 2.5 kg weights, 4 pcs of 1.25 kg weights.
  • user manual in Polish
  • Leg Force Feedback chair
  • necessary wiring
  • 2 support heads, 2 stabilizing belts, 2 pcs of 2.5 kg weights, 4 pcs of 1.25 kg weights.
  • Leg Force Feedback software
  • Tripod
  • Additional monitor
  • user manual in Polish

The software enables:

  • measurements of extensors and flexors of the knee and hip joint
  • measurements of various angles of flexion in the joint
  • isometric measurements
  • the possibility of traditional training with weights
  • measurements with one or two lower limbs

Freeware games

Possibility to upload an unlimited number of Freeware games. Thanks to the software, the user can use the arms of the device to control each game with free access.

Leg Force Feedback features

Leg Force Feedback Therapy

The multifunctionality of the Leg Force Feedback system allows the therapist to precisely select the method of conducting therapy and its monitoring. This therapy makes it possible to adjust the speed of movement to the individual needs of the patient and the optimal selection of resistance for the patient, and also ensures the absence of a moment of inertia during the individual exercises. The use of biofeedback for the patient by the physiotherapist means in practice the ability to control the strength of the lower limbs, any computer game.

Leg force feedback enables the re-education of movement patterns in the knee and hip joints after an injury. It allows you to measure and analyze the effects of the therapy. The system enables improvement through the use of concentric and eccentric isotonic movements as well as isometric or mixed tensions. An additional function of the chair is the possibility of training traditional limbs with weights.


Technical data

  • Length: 165cm
  • Width: 100cm
  • Height: 157cm
  • Backrest height: 89cm
  • Backrest adjustment range: 85 ° -180 °
  • Lower limb support adjustment range 0 ° – 90 °
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Maximum load: 160 kg

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