Balance Platform

MultiReha STOCHASTIC Platform®

Patented, the world’s first balance platform with balls inside, using the stochastic phenomenon, allowing training using biofeedback in the form of computer games. Thanks to the use of wheels of different sizes and weights, therapy / training becomes unpredictable, which ensures unlimited progress / progress.

Stochastic phenomenon

It is the world's first balance platform with metal balls built inside.

The spheres move inside as one hits the other, each time they move in a different direction = the exercise becomes unpredictable and the therapy gives continuous progress.

The spheres can be of different sizes = different weights = different degrees of difficulty, which allows for balance and coordination training and biofeedback exercises.

An attractive form of rehabilitation

More than just a balance platform

Thanks to the built-in computer interface, training takes a very attractive form of any games.
Balancing on the platform, we control what is happening on the monitor. Balance training is of great importance in rehabilitation, and if it takes the form of a game, the fun becomes even more effective, especially for people with balance disorders or suffering from dizziness, fear of falling. It is used in the training of athletes, children and adolescents. Thanks to such a stimulus, it is easier to mobilize both children and the elderly to exercise and compete.
Thanks to the mechanism of work on a special resistance rubber, the training is extremely smooth and the work is more stable than on ordinary platforms.


Software Properties

  • Patient database
  • Internal games integrated with the software
  • Possibility to control any game downloaded from the Internet
  • Balance diagnostics module
  • Printouts and notes
  • Therapy progress tab
  • Setting the zero position (starting platform)
  • Possibility of asymmetrical operation – setting the activation threshold for each direction
  • Ability to change the difficulty level
  • Statistical export
  • Cooperation with other devices, e.g. podoscopes, armchair for force analysis, suspended work system

Technical data


  • Connection: Bluetooth
  • More than a dozen games included
  • Balancing Mechanism: Resistance Rubber
  • Possibility to remove the sensor

Additional options

A landing with handrails


Presentation film