Innovative software


MultiReha® is an innovative, modern software for operating modern devices for diagnostics and rehabilitation. This application is the result of our many years of experience and rehabilitation needs. The project is constantly developed in order to provide users with maximum satisfaction that brings benefits in working with patients.

Program menu

The software enables creation and storage patient database . Additionally, we have the option of i importing and exporting research and creation research statistics for a given patient. To ensure security against data loss, it is possible to create a backup.

Podoscope module


This module was created for the purpose of execution precise measurements  the image of the feet and heels obtained from the podoscope photos. It enables manual measurements to be made distances, angles  and semi-automatic measurements.

Automatic measurements:
  • Foot lengths
  • Foot widths
  • Clark’s angle
  • KY factor
  • Wejsflog index
  • Alpha angle
  • Beta angle
  • Gamma angle

It is also possible to determine any measurements using the available tools and to make videos of functional tests such as squats, etc.

Support for two cameras

Simultaneous examination of the feet and heels

The software supports two cameras which enables simultaneous measurements of feet and heels. This solution enables the analysis of valgus and varus in the hindfoot.

Balance module


Diagnostic module

This module measures the platform inclination along the axis:

  • Sagittal (anterior posterior),
  • Transverse (lateral),

and then present the measurements in the form of a tilt angle graph until the test. The therapist has the ability to adjust the examination time. The software displays the average and maximum values of deflections for each of the directions of deflection.


Each of the games has an adjustment level of difficulty, which translates into greater patient involvement. Additionally possible is to adjust the duration of the games. The module has a choice whether the patient uses the platform on both feet or on one. The training result and coefficient are displayed to determine the rehabilitation progress.

Integrated games

The game consists in collecting icons appearing in a random place on the screen. Controlling the platform activates the Up / Down, Right / Left buttons. The red dot shows the current deflection.

There are also other games available, including:

  • snake – classic “snake”
  • target – maintaining balance so that the point is in the center of the target
  • plane – collect points by controlling the plane left / right
Freeware games
Unlimited games

Possibility to upload an unlimited number of Freeware games. The user has the option of using a balancing platform or a sensor in any game with free access.


Displaying the results

In the “Progress” tab, it is possible to observe several tests, their mean and maximum values for forward, backward, left, right, and also to print several tests in one in order to compare the effects of the therapy.

Future Modules

Software MultiReha® is constantly being developed. Additional operating modules will appear in the future.


  • Leg Force Feedback
  • Sling Feedback Therapy
  • Hand dynamometer
  • 3D motion sensor

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Modules available

Multireha PODO

Multireha BALANCE

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