Diagnostic device

Plantokonturograf / Podograf ​

The plantograph is made in the shape of an oblong, flat, two-piece box with the possibility of being soaked with ink distributed by a roller on the lower surface of the device.


Footprint reflection

The imprintof the feet on the paper is obtained by pressing the patient’s foot using a static or dynamic method. The podograph consists of a plastic case with a rubber diaphragm.
Based on the imprint of the footprint, we obtain a number of information necessary in the diagnosis and treatment of the following diseases: foot defects, i.e. flat feet, valgus-flat foot, hallux valgus.


Test method

The roller is covered withink of any color, which is then spread on a special part of the plantoconturograph membrane. After that, the membrane is inverted so that it isdirectly above the paper. The patient puts his foot on the non-lubricated part of the diaphragm. By pressure, the arch of the patient’sfoot leaves a imprint on the sheet of paper
“Bold, lb” The rebound can be obtained both by conducting a static test (the patient is standing) and by conducting a dynamic test (passing the foot by the subject). On the basis of the obtained imprint of the footprint, it is possible to determine the places of support for the foot and its shape.


Set contains:

  • special size paper (complete with plantoconturograph)
  • roller (complete with plantoconturograph)
  • ink (complete with plantoconturograph)

Presentation film