2D scanner

Podoscan Podo4Foot® 2D A4

Podoscan Podo4Foot® 2D is a patented digital scanner for the assessment of the plantar side of the feet.
Advanced tool for digital sole trace analysis.

Advantages of the scanner

Podoskan Podo4Foot 2D A4 is:

  • The lightest sub-scanner on the market
  • The smallest sub-scanner on the market
  • The cheapest scan tool in Europe
  • A product that combines the advantages of podoscopes and scanners
  • Resistance to outdoor lighting
  • Ultra mobile accurate diagnostic device

Excellent quality of results

Benefits of using a scanner

Podoscan 2D in the Foot CADversion means a significantly reduced test execution time compared to its predecessor. This is of great importance when performing e.g. screening tests.

The results obtained under such conditions are of excellent quality.Computerized examination of the plantar side of the footis a development and improvement of the known podoscopic examination.


Wide range of applications

The device works on the basis of a developed podoscopic method. In addition to the exact print (plantoconturograph), we obtain information about the spatial shaping of the foot arch. This allows for a reliable assessment of the functional state of the foot.

The image on the computer screen can be observed and recorded also while the patient performs the given exercises, thanks to which it is easier to conclude about the causes of the existing disease states. This allows for a reliable assessment of the condition of the longitudinal arch, the assessment of the valgus angle of the toe, the varus angle of the finger, and the observation of theload-bearing spheres.