Diagnostic podoscope

Podo4Foot® CAM

The diagnostic podoscope is a device for foot diagnostics. Foot diagnostics is part of the diagnosis of possible body posture defects.


Foot diagnostics

Podo4Foot® CLASSIC

Diagnostic podoscope

Podo4Foot® CHILD

Diagnostic podoscope with a camera

Podo4Foot® CAM

Diagnostic podoscope with a camera

Podo4Foot® CAM RGB

Diagnostic device with a camera and RGB backlight


Thermal podoscope


Diagnostic device

Podoscan Podo4Foot® 2D A4

Podoskaner 2D

3D Foot Scanner

4-in-1 Scanner

Foot 3D Foam

Vacuum pillow set

Devices with biofeedback

MultiReha® Board

Balance platform

AntiGRAVITY Platform

Platform for exercising anti-gravity muscles

Leg Force Feedback

Armchair with biofeedback

Sling Feedback Therapy

Suspended exercise system


Staircase with biofeedback

Diagnostic software


Innovative software

Production of insoles

Ortho Podo Gringer III

Orthopedic and podiatry grinder