Sling Feedback Therapy

Sling Feedback Therapy is an innovative device that enables hanging exercises with the use of biofeedback (biological feedback) in the form of load visualization and computer game control.

Sling Feedback Therapy​

Sling Feedback Therapy is an innovative device used in therapeutic rehabilitation as a modernization of the suspension system available on the market Traditional suspension exercises: active with unburden or active, have been modernized into exercises using biological feedback (biofeedback) in the form of visualization of loading and controlling computer games. This enables an interesting and interesting form of rehabilitation with both children and adults. The patient can exercise with one or two limbs. The progress of therapy and the use of Sling Feedback Therapy depends mainly on the therapist, on the goal he sets for himself and on the imagination to conduct the exercises. Sling is also a tool that, when used correctly, makes our therapy stop being boring and take on a new dimension of the 21st century.

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Professional system for suspended exercises with the use of biofeedback

The SFT device is a measuring beam with a system of sensors measuring the force that the patient exerts on the sling, thanks to which the therapist has control over the symmetry or asymmetry of his work.

The SFT device is compatible with the UGUL, REDCORDand other suspension systems.

The system has a main-innovative design and unique software for research and rehabilitation, which makes the form of therapy more attractive and enables the analysis of therapy progress.

Software for the Sling suspension system

The software is:

  • Control of the patient’s work through load visualization
  • Awareness of the patient’s work
  • Evaluation of work through numerical results
  • Possibility of symmetrical and asymmetrical work
  • biofeeedback in the form of charts and computer games
  • Export to statistics
  • A printout for the patient
  • Intuitive software in Polish